Last Updated: 11.12.97 - Review 0.21, 22.7.97 - Soundex


Euphoria is a new programming language for DOS. It uses a DOS extender to get around the 640k limit most DOS programs encounter and it is 25x faster than QBasic, 7x faster than the latest Java beta and faster than some versions of C, even though it is an interpreted language (it can make executable files) interpreting over 12,000 lines per second on a humble 486DX-50! The future is bright the future is Euphoria!
Example programs include real-time wireframe 3D, fractal generation, stereogram generation, 3D curve plotting and more. It also features mouse support in text, VGA and SVGA graphic modes, support for Windows 95 long filenames - plus more!

Programming Examples Simple expression evaluator. ()+-*/^. are supported, Generic Euphoria file selector. Beta version, Falling speckles demo (sort of like snow), Integer maths routines for ease of use and readability of code, Simple Mandelbrot generator, VDU-like screen output routines give a great effect, ASCII file viewer with search, bookmarks, mouse scrolling etc, Updated! Quit a basic scrolling text routine, Soundex coding in Euphoria, plus some example programs, New! Scrolling starfield demo which looks nice and moves fast.

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