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Any respectable Mini Disc owner or fan should make their local mirror of the Community pages regular reading. Other than that, this page has a mix of MZ-R50, MDT-515 and MDX-C6500R specific links as well as some to general Mini Disc information.

Community Page : Japan: UK The ultimate resource for all Mini Disc information

Minidiscussion The best discussion forum, along with a volunteer question answering service

MZ-R50 User Manual A HTML version of the English user manual

MZ-R50 Buyers Guide A buyers guide for the MZ-R50

MZ-R55 Some pages dedicated to the MZ-R55

MZ-R55 Pictures More pictures of the successor of the much loved MZ-R50

Mini Disc T-Station Great source of information on MD technology

Richer Sounds Reputable UK Hi Fi chain for all types of Hi Fi equipment

SCMS Off Information about getting test mode on early models

Sony Europe For product information and pictures

Sony International International English product specification pages

Sony MZ-R50 vs Sharp MS701 An objective comparison of these two fine portable units

Starmount : Hi-Space Retailers of recordable media amongst other things - cheap blanks for the UK

The True Story Details, in Layman's terms, on the technology used

Connecting MD equipment to computers


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