Must Hear

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As a proud owner of a MZ-R50, I never stop using it. I used to use my personal cassette player/radio quite a lot, but not this much. I also have a large CD collection (well into four figures!), so I am making a fair few compilation discs. So what?

Well, I am in awe of the quality of sound produced from such a little unit with the right headphones. So much that I am hearing things in certain songs that I've never noticed before. This has resulted in my must hear song snippet list. Of course, it's better to listen to the whole of each of the featured albums to get the fuller picture.

Name That Tune!

Here's a little competition to pass the time. The first person to e-mail me with the song title that goes with this little sample gets to be famous – well they get their name on this page anyway.

Last Winner: Jason Aycock (The Sugarcubes / Deus - Remix)


Any feedback welcome.