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Click on the image below for more information on the various buttons. This feature works best if you size your browser to be just a bit taller than the picture shown below.

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  1. Battery compartment
  2. MODE button
    Normal, Repeat All, Repeat Single, Shuffle Repeat. Press while on record-pause for monaural recording.
  3. DISPLAY button
    Play mode, remaining track time, remaining disc time, recording date and time.
  4. CLOCK SET button
    Out of view on base.
  5. MIC SENS (mic sensitivity) switch
    Out of view on base.
  6. AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System) switch
    Out of view on base. Slide to LIMIT to limit the maximum volume.
  7. DC IN 6V jack
    Use to recharge internal battery.
  8. Display window
    Show current machine status.
  9. SYNCHRO REC (synchro-recording) switch
    Use to start recording only when there is an input signal.
  10. MIC (PLUG IN POWER) jack
  11. LINE IN (OPTICAL) jack
  12. LINE OUT jack
  13. DIGITAL MEGA BASS button
    Press for two level bass sound emphasis.
  14. / REMOTE (headphones/remote) jack
  15. REC lamp
  16. Vertical jog dial
    Rotate for track selection - press to play. During titling rotate to select letter - press for next letter.
  17. TITLE/ENTER button
  18. (play) button
  19. / (search/AMS) button
  20. (stop) button
  21. VOLUME + / - buttons
  22. HOLD switch
    Slide to lock the controls of the recorder.
  23. ERASE button
  24. T MARK (track mark) button
  25. END SEARCH button
  26. REC (record) switch
  27. (pause) button
  28. OPEN switch
  29. External battery compartment interface


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