MZ-E909 Specifications

Back Excerpts from the Sony press release

The Sony MZ-E909 is the world's lightest and longest playback MiniDisc player (as of August 01) that is equipped with MDLP and the new Group function. Unit plays for 38 hours with the included NiMH battery and up to 100 (or 145 hours for LP4 mode) hours using an additional AA. Unit is Sony's first MiniDisc player to display Kanji characters (Far Eastern characters) and is equipped with DSP Type-R ATRAC to enhance sound quality. Remote also has "Index search function" to facilitate song searching operations. "Personal Disc Memory" to remember sound setting for up to 20 different discs. LED light on main body displays red, green, and orange colors to indicate group function status and battery life. Preset sound of up to 64 different possible combinations. 7 Step speed/tempo control for playback (good for language study and recording industry). Up to 160 seconds G-Protection anti-shock protection (in LP4 mode).

Charges in cradle
  • One Touch disc ejection
  • DSP Type-R / MDLP
  • Group function
  • Stick LCD remote displays Kanji
  • Index search on remote
  • Personal Disc Memory
  • 7 Step Speed Control
  • G-Protection 40/80/160 anti-shock memory
  • Up to 145 hours playback time
  • Recharging stand


Accessories Bundled: Backlit LCD remote, headphone, Nickel-Hydrogen cell, Recharging stand, Battery case, carrying case, instruction manual, warranty card.
Colors: Silver / Blue
Max playback / recharge time: 145 hours / 6 hours on stand

Dimensions: 77.6 (W) x 12.5 (H) x 71.1 (D) mm
Weight: 49g approx. (without battery), 76g approx. (including battery)


Download user manual (240KB pdf)


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