MZ-R50 Specifications

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The MZ-R50 Family The MZ-R50 is equipped with a newly developed Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and a thinner optical block and deck mechanism, through which a thickness of 19.7mm and a weight of 190g has been achieved (at approximately 70% the volume of the previous MZ-R30 model), allowing handy, on the go recording and playback enjoyment.

For use as one likes, the unit is equipped with a 16 megabit DRAM, providing approximately 40 seconds of shock guard memory (4 times the previous model), making it completely appropriate for outdoor use. Furthermore, by reducing power consumption to approximately 59% (recording) and 64% (playback) of the previous model, 12 hours recording and 22 hours playback is possible on the included LiIon cell together with 2 alkaline AA cells. In terms of operation, the vertical style jog dial allows MD editing and character input to be carried out easily.

19.7mm high The MZ-R50 includes a newly developed LCD 'Stick Controller' type remote control. Using the 'Shuttle Dial' on the upper part of the remote control, MD operations such as playback, track selection, pause, etc., can be conducted even with one hand. With its stick type slim design, it looks smart even attached to a breast pocket or bag. With it's alligator clip it can be easily attached and removed. The headphone connection part is equipped with a normal stereo mini-jack, allowing you to also use Hi Fi audio headphones.

As of Summer 2002, the R50 is still regarded as the best portable MD unit ever made.


Conformance Mini Disc Digital Audio System

Playback System Magneto Optical Readout

Channels Stereo 2 channels, Monaural 1 channel

Sampling Rate 44.1kHz

Audio Compression System ATRAC (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)

Frequency Response 20-20,000Hz+/-3dBs

Wow and Flutter Below measurable limits

Input Terminals(2) Mic: Stereo mini jack, Line: Stereo mini jack (analog), Optical mini jack (digital)

Output Terminals(2) Headphone: Stereo mini jack, Line: Stereo mini jack

External Dry Cell Case Dimensions approx. 39.5x19.7x77mm (width x height x depth)

Outer Dimensions (including largest protrusions) approx. 109.5x19.7x77mm (width x height x depth)

Outer Dimensions (including external dry cell case) approx. 149x19.7x77mm (width x height x depth)

Weight (body only) approx. 190g

Weight (ready to use) approve 240g (including recordable disc and rechargeable LiIon battery)

Included Accessories LCD remote (RM-MZR50), ear bud headphones (MDR-E838), AC power adapter (AC-MZ60), rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (LIP-8), dry cell case (EBP-MZR4), carrying pouch, foam ear bud pads

Materials Used Magnesium Alloy (case), Titanium (loading tray).


Download service manual (625KB pdf)


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