2UPPang 1UP

Level One

The Game

Shoot the balloons and they will split in half,
Shoot them again and they split,
Shoot the smallest balloon and it will disappear.

Get all balloons and you can move on to next stage.

The Levels

There are three stages per location, bar the last location where there are two. This gives a total of 50 levels in the game. Take a look at the locations visited.

The Name

The game was only known as Pang in some countries, elsewhere it was known as the Buster Brothers. PlayStation owners can look for the Buster Brothers Collection which is available now in the US and Japan from game meisters Capcom. The game contains the original Pang/Buster Brothers, and its two follow-up games. Hi Scores are saved to memory card so you can relive all the classic arcade addiction.

The Internet

There is a Java version of Pang, called Pang 96!, which you can play in your web browser. It is a nice representaion of this classic game, but it is nothing compared with playing the original as it is missing the great music as well as the decent background images and the correct ball bounce. Oh, and it's a bit too slow!


There are a wealth of emulators avialable for PCs, which will enable you to play games from other systems.
When I can't be bothered loading up my old ST I play the original Pang on the Atari ST emulator PaCifiST. You can also play the original arcade game using the arcade emulator MAME - great stuff!