2UPPang 1UP

As well as your normal wire, you can also collect various Power Ups that may benefit you.


The dynamite can be useful. Watch out, it splits all the balloons into the smallest size.

Double Wire

The double wire is a great weapon, you can shoot two wires at a time.

Freeze Time

Freezes time for a few seconds, during which balloons won't harm you. Take advantage of this.

Power Wire

This wire will go into the blocks. It's good to use when you are in a narrow space. It will stay on screen for a few seconds or until an enemy hits it.

Vulcan Missile

You can shoot continually with the vulcan missile. Get under the balloons and shoot them all.


Gives you a shield which can stand one balloon hit on your head.

Slow Time

With this, time still ticks on but the balloons slow down for a period of time.


Collect a double wire then a power wire and you will have the benefits of both!