Déjà Vu?

Tektonix Software started programming on the Atari ST, so with the recent advent of the excellent Atari ST emulator PaCifiST for the PC we have decided to put a few of our old ST programs on this page. Fuji Bar! is the first of a few new trinkets for PaCifiST, keep your fingers crossed for more in the future.

Fuji Bar! 1.34 great shell for use with PaCifiST under Windows 95. Now inlcudes:
ST Icons (release 5) for use with PaCifiST under Windows,

Software pack containing: Paint (for kids), REview (doc viewer) and Chaos Calc 2 (fractals).

Disk Images

Disk Images are not necessarily a bad thing. One reason is that they are usually stored on your hard drive so access is much faster. They can be made using Image Builder (*.st) or, for most normally unreadable disks, the VGACOPY program (*.vcp) just by renaming a resulting, uncompressed image file to an (*.st) extension.


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