You may want to leave reminders on your computer for yourself while you go and do another job. Instead of writing these down on paper, which can be so easily lost, you can virtually stick them to your computer screen/desktop. WINotes of different sizes, colours and text styles can be left sticky or non-sticky. Whatever you like.
Last Update: 29.9.97, Fixed Edit menu problems, Tips & Tricks now in Help file. 23.8.97, Choice of alarm sound. 1.8.97, Load and Save notes (optionally as text), spawn another new note, filetype association, load back, more hotkeys (optionally displayed), increased functionality.
Version: 1.73

Windows: 3.1x & 95/NT 4.0 (or better)

Future?: WINote indexing and intelligent relations.
Setup Package (~235k) or
Essential files (~85k)

Support: Library files 16 & 32-bit

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