Alfred — workflows and extensions

by Matt Sephton

Below you will find some extensions I have written for Alfred, the Mac OS X productivity app.

Is it down?

Check if a website is really down or not.
Download: alfredworkflow (18KB)

Search Apple Music

Search Apple Music for artist, album or song.
Download: alfredworkflow (35KB)

Search iTunes Music Store

Search iTunes Music Store for artist, album or song.
Download: alfredworkflow (34KB)

Search Keychain

Search keychain and prompt to copy password for top match.
Download: alfredworkflow (57KB)

What’s on 6music

Display the most recently played song on BBC 6music radio station.
Download: alfredworkflow (16KB) or alfredextension (7KB)

2019-08-30: added Search Apple Music & Search iTunes Music Store
2019-07-17: added Is it down?
2019-02-05: updated Search Keychain
2019-01-21: added Search Keychain
2016-07-28: growl notification now much more robust
2013-04-25: Alfred 2 workflow
2012-08-06: fixed anti-caching workaround
2012-07-16: better support for special characters
2012-07-10: temporarily removed growlnotify support
2012-06-26: fixed issue with notifications not appearing if artist/song contained quotes
2012-05-29: uses BBC iPlayer data feed, shows if song has finished, better foreign character support
2012-03-22: initial release


For all extensions, output is enhanced if growlnotify is installed.