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Dr Pepper is undoubtedly the nicest drink ever invented. I would even go so far as to say it is nicer than Pepsi® Cola.

My Dr Pepper Collection

Promotion: 1/3 extra,
Promotion: The Saint Competition,
Promotion: The Saint Competition - Diet,
Regular ¹.


Diet ¹,
Promotion: 29p,
Promotion: Multipack,
Promotion: Suck it and See ¹,
Promotion: 50% extra 3 litre ²,
Regular ¹,
Regular 2 litre ²
Shrink Wrap: 24 Can Pack.


Mobile: Home made mini-can
ceiling decoration.


Postcard: The Saint Competition,
Badge: The Saint & Dr Pepper.


Assume aluminium cans unless:
¹ Steel ² Bottle

Check out the desk photograph inside the cover of the 'Homework' CD by Daft Punk for a Dr Pepper can!

Firstly, I have to say that it isn't at all spicy or hot - it is quite the opposite. People who are untouched by the force of the Dr are sure that when they have a sip it will burn through their mouth! This is untrue. Dr Pepper is, in fact, a mixed fruit flavour drink. Most people I know say it tastes like sherbet - the drink you used to make when you were little by mixing the sherbet in water. Unsubstantiated rumour says it tastes of prunes or almonds.

S. Eisenhauer from America has compared the taste of Dr Pepper with Tootsie Rolls.

Dr Pepper reinforces it's status as being the best soft-drink in the world by being: I once tried Southern Comfort and Dr Pepper, but that made me sick. :(

"Savour the taste of the good Doctor!"

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