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Sound Bites

These sound files were created under Windows 95 using Sound Gadget Pro and GoldWave, and are saved in two different formats. TrueSpeech is for a quick to download or rough version (1-bit, Mono, 8000 Hz) of the sound and Microsoft ADPCM is the better quality version (4-bit, Mono, 22050 Hz). You may want to go to the directory for speed. RealAudio (28.8 Kbs, Music, Mono) is an attempt to satisfy all the cross platform fans out there.

Note: They will not work if you do not have the correct sound decoding software installed on your computer.

Full Length Theme Song

4m 39secs MP3 5-minute Stereo (2MB)

Introduction (Seasons 1 & 2)

1m 32secs Quick (96.1Kb), RealAudio (189Kb), Slow (1003Kb), MP3 (545Kb)

Monkey Theme Remix

4m 39secs RealAudio 6m25s (992Kb)

by Leicester B & Cohen - original samples used from Monkey Magic, Spoonjuicerecords

The Nature of Monkey

2.77secs Quick (3.15Kb), RealAudio (6.4Kb), Slow (30.6Kb)

Chinese Chime

4.72secs Quick (5.18Kb), RealAudio (10.4Kb), Slow (52.1Kb)


'Good Morning Master!'
1.36secs Quick (1.57Kb), RealAudio (3.61Kb), Slow (15.6Kb)

'I don't like it...
1.32secs Quick (1.54Kb), RealAudio (3.3Kb), Slow (14.8Kb)

'Great Sage Equal of Heaven'
2.11secs Quick (2.38Kb), RealAudio (5.03Kb), Slow (23.6Kb)

'Oh, let me just bash him once!'
1.56secs Quick (1.79Kb), RealAudio (3.89Kb), Slow (17.3Kb)


'What the Master said, that's telling you!'
1.60secs Quick (1.82Kb), RealAudio (3.89Kb), Slow (17.7Kb)


'Imagining ghosts and things. I need food will you help me?'
2.47secs Quick (2.76Kb), RealAudio (5.88Kb), Slow (27.5Kb)

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