The Pompey Pirates

This page is dedicated to those who were:

Alien Genie Gor

Juggler Lawz Pacman

PP Sledgehammer Richard III

Sparky Syd B Yum Yum

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06.05.02 Mr.Sam helps again with some music, 13 pt1.

21.02.02 Baz remembers something magical about 62.

13.12.01 We're back! Mr.Sam helps with some music, and shows me another PP menu site.

10.03.01 Update fever! SainT enables me to grab a full image for 1v2 and improve a few!
Also tracked down YM music files for most menus whose music is known.
Thanks to the STSound Pleasuredome. Menus 50+ to follow at a later date.

15.04.98 Grazey/PHF strikes back with a complete 32 colour picture for 47!
I've also started work on a list of disks containing hidden files. Know any?

24.03.98 One picture left! Who's going to get the last missing picture (1v2)?
Pictures for 27 and 47 are now on display in partial glory. Thanks to whoever it was.

PP menus here

The animated gif above is for use on any page that contains Pompey Pirate menus, which isn't this one.
Any missing Pompey Pirates info. or related material can be submitted to this page. See help page.

The Little Green Desktop Get PaCifiST Get Makedisk

Thanks to Frederic Gidouin for the brilliant PaCifiST ST emulator and for converting lots of
game music to YM format. Also to all who have helped so far with information for this site.

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