Simple Soccer

My Homage to Sensible Soccer

This little page came about to let people know to about my current pet project:

I'm making my own Sensible Soccer clone!

22.02.03 - Buy a Sensible Soccer inspired T-shirt!

08.02.03 - The exellent work by Massimo and team on Yoda Soccer has shamed me into doing some work on Simple Soccer.
Here is the combined tactics and replay demo, a small start on the road to victory! Watch this space for more!

>>>[ Download tactics/replay demo (304k zip) ]<<<

12.07.02 - I'm posting the instant replay demo as I've not had much time to bolt it on to the tactics demo.

>>>[ Download instant replay demo (295k zip) ]<<<

30.04.02 - I've implemented SWOS tactic file handling. At the moment it's only as a small demo application.
However I will be expanding this to act as a full tactics editor just like in SWOS.
This features an abstract ball and 10 players and the pitch layout. You can select a SWOS tactic file
and they all run about quite convincingly! Any suggestions or improvements on this are welcome.
Source included, thanks to Jonathan Daniel for his SWOS Java tactics demo.

New: Players run onto pitch in a more realistic way, rudimentary pitch markings, select a tactics file. Circles!

>>>[ Download tactics demo (255k zip) ]<<<

12.06.01 - The latest playable demo. This is very old and needs the other elements of the game added to it,
but at least it shows my direction. New graphics are under development.

>>>[ Download latest early bird quick peek (596k zip) ]<<<

older news:

Current work log (12 June 2001)

Download latest player ai test (138k zip)

old demo screenshots (145k zip) old development screenshot (116k gif)

Current revised list of goals (12 Dec 2000)
Current ideas for additions (17 Dec 2000)

My initial posting to Usenet (16 Oct 2000)

The game is provisionally titled 'Simple Soccer'.

Let me know what you think! -- Matt Sephton

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