Translated by: hyphz


Fire a rubberband-like wire by clicking the mouse

The action (game) of rising in the sky by hanging wire on blocks, Wire Hang Redux, was released on 24/6. It is free software for Windows, downloaded from the author's home page.

In Wire Hang Redux, you control the main girl character Rinrei-chan with the mouse, and by using an expanding "electromagnetic wire", climb into the sky. The only possible ending is that the heroine falls off the bottom of the screen, which is Game Over.

Within the oblong screen, a number of oblong blocks appear. If the heroine does nothing, she will fall by gravity, but by shooting the wire so that the end catches on a block, the wire will shrink like a rubber band and the reaction will make the heroine rise. After the shrinkage, the wire comes detached from the block, so you can fire at another block and continue.

The heroine cannot collide with the blocks, but she also cannot rest on top of them. The heroine can collide with either side of the window, in which case she bounces off.

To control this with the mouse, there is a protractor-like scale at the bottom of the window. When you click the mouse, the wire is fired in the same direction that the mouse pointer is away from the centre of the scale. The firing direction can be confirmed by a blue pointer on the scale. As you climb higher, the width of the blocks becomes smaller, increasing the difficulty level.

This is a windows transfer edition of the game "Wire Hang" made by d2ac. You can play "wire hang" on d2ac's home page.