Monkey — support material

by Matt Sephton

Text Editor Packages

I provide a number of packages that allow third-party text editors – perhaps even your favourite - to be used as an IDE for the Monkey programming language.

They're all hosted on github and include comprehensive instructions.



The bundles were last updated for monkey v45c, let me know if you find something important that they are missing.

Feature Comparison

Below is a summary of what is offered by each package.

TED/Monk TextMate Sublime Text 2 BBEdit TextWrangler
Syntax Highlighting    • 1
Auto Completion
Easy Source Navigation
Context Sensitive Help    • 2
Build/Run Hotkeys    • 3
Build Options
Jump to Error
Keyword Expansion
Quick Start Template
Check for Update
  1. limited highlighting
  2. requires internet connection
  3. no support for run hotkey

Feature Explanation

Auto Completion of Keywords
Type part of a keyword and see a list of matches you can selected to reduce typing and errors.
Build Options
Specify target, config and run options without the need for the command line.
Build/Run hotkeys
Quick and easy building at the press of a key.
Check for Update
Easily see if there's a more recent version of the bundle available.
Context Sensitive Help
On-demand documentation for a keyword in a popup window.
Easy Source Navigation
Navigate around your source using an index of functions, classes and methods
Expand Keywords into Code
Expand a single keyword into one or more lines of code to help remember syntax, reducing typing and errors.
Jump to Error
Automatically jump to error after a failed build.
Quick Start Template
One click skeleton template to get you started with an app, build it to see instant results.
Syntax Highlighting
Easily see keywords, constants, strings, comments, numbers and functions/classes/methods in your code.