Vanilla Forums — plugins

by Matt Sephton

Below you will find some plugins I have written for Vanilla Forums, the online community software.


Add a countdown to a specific time and date to a comment. Pick from different display types.
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Add a Reply Button to each post/comment.

Guest Default Route

Allows a different homepage route for guests.
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Mobile Search

Adds a search menu item to the standard Vanilla Mobile theme.
You choose whether it is displayed as text or an icon button.
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Mobile Tweaks

Applies some small CSS tweaks to the standard Vanilla Mobile theme.
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More Messages Positions

Adds more positions to the dashboard Appearance/Messages interface.
Knowledge and editing of your theme template may be required to add support for custom positions.
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Progress Bars

Adds the ability to insert progress bars into a comment. Perhaps to show the status of a work in progress.
Progress bars are rendered using CSS, no images are used.
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Rice Balls

Replaces emoticons (smilies/smileys) with David Lanham's Rice Balls images from AdiumXtras.
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Adds SmartyPants Typographer support to discussions and comments.
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Adds a column in Dashboard/Users with a country flag displaying the location of the Last IP Address for each user.
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