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Television Series

Monkey Heaven A tribute to Monkey, with the bonus of lots of content and a mailing list.
If you only go and see one other Monkey site, make it this one!

Monkey An episode guide for all three seasons, with some dates.
Ultimate TV List Their Monkey information section.

Related Sites

Monkey Comic NEW! 100-page web based Monkey comic. Great! Also one for The Water Margin.

Monkey Illustrations NEW! Synopsis of the legend plus a few ancient illustrations.

Monkey: A Superhero Tale of China NEW! The story retold by Aaron Shepard.

The Journey to the West attraction NEW! Photos of the attraction based on the legend in Guangzhou, China.

Black Star Monkey videos, shipped free from the UK! View all videos.
Harper Collins The Monkey King & other stories book. With excerpts and images.
Journey To The West The entry from the British Library about the book. With original picture.
Monkey God Story Audio CD story book featuring a version of Monkey.
Nostalgia Central Nostalgic look at the programme.
NTV Japan The TV company who created the Monkey TV series.
Penguin Books A synopsis of the book Monkey by Wu Ch'êng-ên.
Monkey Kingdom
(Gene Yang)
NEW! A cartoon book based on the legend with original illustrations.

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