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Where are they now?

Masaaki Sakai

Is still involved in the world of television and has hosted a number of Japanese television series including a cookery program 'Here's the Kitchen!' and the crazy game show 'Superhuman Coliseum' (as seen on Tarrant on TV here in the UK!).

Here's the Kitchen!, Superhuman Coliseum.

Toshiyuki Nishida

Is still involved in TV also, but is more of a serious actor than his Monkey costars. He stars mainly in Japanese drama series.

Always Have the Sun in Mind.

Shiro Kishibe

Masaaki Sakai once joked that he became one of Japan's top ping-pong players! In reality, he stayed in the entertainment business as a TV Show host until a few years ago.

Masako Natsume

Unfortunately, this very beautiful lady died in 1985 from Leukemia at a very young age. She was, and still is an idol all over Japan her career spanning acting and modelling.

Masako Natsume photo archive.

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