Quick Paths

Whenever you want to find a file, you first have to find the directory it is in which can be quite a task if the required directory is nested several levels deep. In a normal application this would involve selecting which computer, drive and folders to look in, from the standard file selector. In Explorer or other similar applications it would involve a similar process using the right hand window pane. Quick Paths gets rid of all this - instantly go to the directory of your choice with one mouse click. If no fileselectors or Explorer type applications are found then the Quick Path is opened in a new instance of Explorer. Short versions of paths can be optionally used.

Last Update: 16.11.98, Windows 98 support added. 6.10.97, Quick Path opened in a new instance of Explorer if no fileselectors or Explorer type applications are found. 27.5.97, ZipMagic Archive Manager now supported, synonymous with Explorer.
Version: 1.38

Windows: 95/98/NT 4.0 (or better)

Future?: Message-level communication, a great hook.
Setup Package (~170k) or
Essential files (~30k)

Support: Library files
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