At certain times you may want to instantly enable the Windows screen saver (eg. when leaving your desk - you don't want to have to wait 3 minutes or so, for the screen saver to kick in leaving sensitive information on screen), or you may want to stop the screen saver from coming on (eg. when the computer is carrying out a time consuming, processor intensive task which the screen saver would only hinder). SaveAble! does these two jobs in one program at the push of your mouse.
Last Update: 27.4.98, Display Properties shortcut, new executable. 13.8.97, Saver enabled by default on program exit.
Version: 1.38

Windows: 3.1x & 95/NT 4.0 (not Win 98)

Future?: Other corners and more options.
Setup Package (~178k) or
Essential files (~35k)

Support: Library files 16 & 32-bit
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