Our programs are free to use only on a trial basis. Seeing as many hours of development time has gone into each one you are obliged to pay a registration fee in UK pounds (see below) if you continue to use it for more than the trial period of 21 days. This concept is known as Shareware.

If you register as a user you will receive any news about new programs and updates to existing ones.
The registration payment is preferred as a cheque for pounds sterling made payable to 'Matthew Sephton'. However, other methods of payment and currencies are negotiable.

Currency Conversion

Look up the equivalent of £10 UK at: Other methods of payment are available, such as:

Registration Wizard

Once you have registered as a user you will recieve a registraion code via e-mail or through the post. This can be used along with the Registration Wizard to register the program for use on your computer and unlock all the features of that program.

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