menu (video)ingame (demo)hiscore (readme)

download: readme, menu video or game demo (405kb)

ROY is a block puzzle game where you have to match three or more of each
colour to make the blocks disappear. This can be done in horizontal or
vertical lines. If you take too much time, the blocks will fall down the
screen a row at a time. Keep going for as long as you can, if the blocks
reach the bottom it's game over!

to do:
2player link (don't hold your breath!), small tweaks.

13 Mar - stage score now displays time and level, time stops while game is paused.
11 Mar - fixed problem with 'quick' sound, problem with game speed, in-game music no longer plays
through to main menu. cosmetic chage to hi-score entry system on multiple uses.

07 Mar - more small tweaks. changed block colours at long last! this will be it until network mode.
04 Mar - added combo scoring. rejigged stage mode, which now ends after level 15.
added 'quick' sound effect. added in-game music. normalised sound effects!
26 Feb - fixed bug with time display in stage mode. remembered combo scoring is still missing too.
25 Feb - added fancy hi score name entry. next step 2player and tweaking - then we're done!
downgraded sounds to 8-bit saving over 100kb. :)
21 Feb - mouse pointer hidden, added hiscore tables. working 2player link code, needs integrating.
18 Feb - added stage mode, rejigged intro a bit, paved way for combo scoring. feedback appreciated.
11 Feb - added a nice tile based transition, fixed a silly sound bug with the white block.
08 Feb - added extended menu, sound and music are now on and offable.
07 Feb - added another, smaller proportional font. added black and white blocks.
05 Feb - extended charset for proportional font, added temporary intro
04 Feb - tweaked gameplay - still not happy, added proportional fonts and some more sfx
01 Feb - added some sound effects
31 Jan - added simple hiscore, pause and menu music

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