Wire Hang Redux

by Matt Sephton


30 October - Featured on A Game A Day blog.
16 July - Featured in Svět počítačů (Czech Republic) as well as on the cover CD.
15 May - Mac OS X 10.4 compatible version out now!
06 May - Mac OS X 10.4 version coming soon! Watch the RSS feed.
25 March - Watch out for Wire Hang Redux in the 04/05 issue of Retro Magazin (Germany)
25 January - Watch out for Wire Hang Redux in the new issue of Super PLAY (Sweden) (#3 top freeware game of 2004!)
20 January - PC version now uses new graphics and sounds
04 January - Wire Hang Redux is in the Top 10 action games on Apple.com
22 December - Apologies to those people who were unable to access the Mac download yesterday. It is now fixed.
17 December - Hello to those who have come by after seeing Wire Hang Redux on Apple.com!
13 December - Wire Hang Redux now runs on Mac OS X. See screen shot and download below.
22 September - Wire Hang Redux on cover disc and page 4 of SCREENFUN (Germany) - the one with Def Jam Fight for NY on the cover.
26 August - Watch out for the game on the cover CD of a computer magazine: PC Home #153 (UK).
23 August - I've been on holiday, so the update will arrive some time in September. Worth waiting for - I promise!
06 July - Apparently we're Big in Japan! This English translation is courtesy of hyphz.


Wire Hang Redux is a remake of the excellent Wire Hang game, in which you must climb up an never ending series of platforms using a grappling hook. If you fall it's game over - a simple yet thoroughly addictive concept! The mouse is used to control your aim and to fire the hook. Wire Hang Redux was written using BlitzPlus (PC) and BlitzMax (Mac).


Mac OS X: Wire Hang Redux 050515 (236kb zip file, 10.2.x and above - Tiger compatible)
Windows: Wire Hang Redux 200105 (421kb zip file, Windows 95 and above)


title screen gameplay scoring


Soon - Investigating online hi-score sharing.


20 January - PC version brought up to date with Mac version using new graphics and sounds.
13 December - Mac OS X version. With sound and new icon but no boss key or screen grab.
12 December - Recovery exploit removed - only one recovery allowed per platform.
22 July - More new graphics, introduced faux perspective as well as parallax.
19 July - Inserted some new parallax graphics. Can now save screen shots (S).
16 July - Created mock up screen with new graphics.
14 July - More sounds added. Sound toggle (S).
13 July - Added boss key that makes window look like Notepad (TAB).
05 July - Added window icon. Getting ready for hiscore sharing (again).
29 June - Optimised collision detection. Space bar can be used instead of mouse button.
29 June - Fixed bounding problem which occurred when mouse was too close to radar.
25 June - Added some sound effects in preparation for Extra mode.
24 June - Fixed level layout positioning.
23 June - Speeded up gameplay and also hook. Added falling-missed sprite state. Optimised platform drawing.
22 June - Fixed wire off bottom bug. Added window controls. Mouse pointer can be hidden (M).
22 June - More or less finalised controls. Better hook display.
21 June - Tweaked controls, sprites and level layout.
20 June - Initial release.


Hi score saving and online sharing.
Extra mode with power-ups enabling a new way of scoring.
Analogue pad control for radar.
Character select with different properties.


1. Aim for the highest platform.
2. Use the recovery zone.
3. Rebound your hook off the wall.


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YakYak.org (Mac)
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Super PLAY (Swedish)
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Visit the home of the original java version of Wire Hang by Masaki Kobayashi:
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