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Links: Added link about blank media. Q & A: Added Blank Discs section.

Q & A: Updated a few sections, rewording and some little ammendments.

Q & A: Added note about PSUs supplied by Richer with their R50.

Q & A: Tidied up a few sections, nothing major though. Specs: MZ-R50: Added dimensions of external dry cell case. Tricks: Added CD Loop section and tidied up a few sections.

Links: Added Richer Sounds link. Must Hear: Updated Name That Tune with a winner! Q & A: Updated and renamed section to TCR vs. Richer Sounds. This information replaces my proposed Christmas price watch feature. Q & A: Updated MZ-R55 section to remove a mistake.

Q & A: Updated LCD section slightly and removed FAST mode question. Q & A: Added a MZ-R55 section for completeness.

Links: Removed MZ-R55 press release page that is no longer where it was.

Index: You can now bookmark http://listen.to/mz-r50 to get here, is there any need for a similar url for the mdt-515? Links: Added MZ-R55 fan page link. Pictures: Uploaded missing MZ-R55 picture. Q & A: The London Mini Disc price watch is probably a month away - when I get a free Saturday and it isn't raining!

Links: Added link to cheap Hi-Space MD blanks in UK. Q & A: Updated TCR prices. Coming soon - a monthly London price watch of selected Mini Disc equipment.

Must Hear: Added a tip so somebody might just get this one! Pictures: Add picture of Sony MZ-R55.

Links: Updated links to the new look Mini Disc Community pages. Q & A: Added problem section about mistreatment of units.

Coming up to the first anniversary of the MZ-R50, and it still holds it's weight against competitors. A great product, but I'm short of new information now though.
Links: Added link to web based UK MD vendor Mandarin.

After me relocating to London and my pages to ewtoo.org comes the first update after settling into my new job. Why not take a look at my CV?
Links: Added MZ-R55 press release and a web based MD vendor.

Q & A: Added Tottenham Court Road section. What's Old?: Relegated some of the old updates.

Q & A: Reworded Availability slightly. Must Hear: Updated with a hint.

Must Hear: Just in case you didn't know - the second little sample competition is running.

Must Hear: Added winner to first little competition. Q & A: Updated with world-wide availability.

Must Hear: Added a nice little competition for all you music lovers out there.

Links: Removed Custom MDs link which no longer worked.

Q & A: Updated Availability sub-page with Netherlands web page.

Links: Added Point & Click Guide, SCMS Off. Q & A: Updated Availability with other countries.

Links: Removed Quiz link because it's no longer there. My Stuff: Don't forget my music collection database is updated regularly.

Tricks: Added Microphone about using the R50 ear buds as a Mic. Updated MD Divide with editing accuracy in milliseconds. My Stuff: Added picture of MDW-74 Sony Blank Mini Disc.

Tricks: Modified Recording Methods to include information about phono-jack auto volume level.

Specs: 515: Added mention of editing rehearsal mode. Tricks: Updated Fast or Faster? with a specific MDT-515 tip. Added a couple more frames to the sticker animation. Updated MD Divide with rehearsal information.

Links: Added Sony International English pages for both units. Pictures: Added two new pictures from the Sony site.

ALL: Corrected some link and HTML errors. Pictures: Added this new section, cataloguing all pictures used across these pages. Index: Added navigation bar for my other pages. I can't believe I forgot to put it there for so long!

Must Hear: Another new song. I've got to stop all this recommending. My Stuff: Added a Keyword Search facility to my music database front end batch file. Q & A: Added What-515. Specs: Both: Added location of purchase and price information. Specs: MDT-515: Added editing resolution, power output and other minor details.

Must Hear: A new song. My Stuff: Just in case you hadn't noticed, my latest CD collection has been available for some time for your viewing pleasure. It's now a little text file and viewing program as opposed to the troublesome Database file.

My Stuff: Added second picture of MZ-R50. Specs: MZ-R50: Added small picture to show relative height and a link to the other new picture. Specs: MDT-515: Added small picture to show detachable remote.

Links: Added link to user manual. Q & A: Added RF Interference.

Must Hear: A couple of new songs. Tricks: Reworded a few items.

Q & A: Updated Firmware with question.

Q & A: Added Firmware. Updated Availability and Power. Tricks: Modified Character Entry to remove now duplicated information. Links: Added Japanese Community page.

Tricks: Added Fast or Faster, MD Divide, Optional AV Component and SCMS Off. Modified Character Entry. Q & A: Updated Availability of US MZ-R50 and Power with AC-E60LA information. Added MD to MD. Links: Updated Nic Boyde's home page link.

My Stuff: YES! My new MDT-515 arrives a whole forty days after my Birthday, all things considered that was probably for the best.
After much deliberation I played 'Count The Days by the New Power Generation' which I'd previously recorded and been listening to on my MZ-R50 walkman. Tricks: Modified Character Entry for MDT-515 specific information, added What Time is it?, specific MZ-R50 and MDT-515 information. Q & A: Added Look Here.

Q & A: Updated Power wording due to uncertainty about AC-MZ60 adapter.

Q & A: Updated On Location with car adapter information. Tricks: Updated Cheap Storage.
These links now go straight to the first updated section, no need to search for the new information.

My Stuff: My soon to be MDT-515 replaces the MDT-313, greater detail to follow. Download my music collection database.

Must Hear: Albums and other song details shown if known.

Credits: Section added.

Q & A: Updated Power with US/International PSU.

Q & A: Updated MZ-R30 with ATRAC version information.

Q & A: Updated Power to feature UK PSU alternative.

Must Hear: Updated wording, Tricks: Updated Labelling.

Q & A: Added On Location, updated LCD and Digital Out, Specs: Added accessory model numbers, Tricks: Updated Record Timing.

Q & A: Updated LCD, Tricks: Added Character Entry, updated Vertical Jog Dial.

Q & A: Updated Power and Recharging.

Q & A: Added LCD and Remote Control, updated Recharging. Must Hear: New songs. Tricks: Updated Vertical Jog Dial.

What's New? added to replace previous method. My Stuff: Added Sony MDT-313 link.

My Stuff: Wish list added. Updated Q & A, Specs and Tricks.

Initial release. The next week or so saw more sections added and tweaking for faster downloading.


Any feedback welcome.