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UK.keylayout for Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

by Matt Sephton


The standard British key layout makes a UK-issue Apple keyboard work as it should do, but for some of us who have typed on non-Apple keyboards our whole lives - or for those Mac owners who are using a third-party keyboard - the Apple standard layout doesn't feel quite right. For example, Shift+2 gives you @, whereas on more standard keyboards it gives you ".


This file will map the " @ # ~ \ | ` keys to be where you would expect them to be on a UK keyboard. Users of IBM, Dell, Windows or other PC keyboards will feel right at home.


zip file (3kb) 26 April 2007

How to install

  1. Unzip archive
  2. Copy UK.keylayout to /Library/Keyboard Layouts/
  3. Log out and then back in again
  4. Go to System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu
  5. Scroll down half-way to UK, tick check box
  6. Scroll back to top, un-check previous setting



How to use a newer version

Copy UK.keylayout over existing version, log out, then log back in again.

Version history

26 April: Changed Option+3 -> #, Option+§ -> ` (grave or back-tick)
2007 06 March: Added Option+3 -> ` (grave or back-tick)
18 February: Added Shift+3 -> £ (pound sterling)
17 February: Initial, private release


Version Tracker
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Thanks to Word Herd for technical information and John Whyte for spotting the missing ` key.