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Etsy Currency Converter

by Matt Sephton


I heart Etsy. The thing is, I live in the UK so all this $dollar pricing leaves me a little confused. I'd prefer it if I could see the prices in £pounds. But it's a lot to ask for the Etsy team to make the site international when they already have enough to do. So I've done it for them, by hand in the UK.


The Etsy Currency Converter (ECC) will enable your browser to magically convert prices displayed on the Etsy site into your currency of choice. It's easy to install, transparent to use and it's free. Here's a screen grab of Etsy displayed in £pounds.

All I ask is that if you find this script useful to give me a donation. You can easily do this right now through PayPal. Donations support the development of this and other Etsy add-ons.


This is a user script that requires Greasemonkey (Firefox on Mac, PC or Linux), GreaseKit (Safari on Mac) or Turnabout Advanced (Internet Explorer on PC). After installing one of the above programs, restart your browser and come back here.

In Firefox or Safari, clicking on the ECC script of your choice will prompt you to "Install User Script", then click "Install" to do so.
In Internet Explorer, right click on the ECC script of your choice and choose "Install Script".

To uninstall, follow the instructions given in Greasemonkey, GreaseKit or Turnabout Advanced.


Each user script file is 2kb in size. Please let me know if you'd like to see the ECC in your currency.


Turnabout Advanced needs to have it's "customize web pages" setting disabled when browsing Etsy.


The ECC is only an approximate guide to currency conversion, rates were correct at the time of uploading.
All transactions will still take place in dollars. This item is not endorsed by Etsy or iospace in any way.
All E&OE. Use at your own risk. All rights reserved. I heart Etsy.

Version history

28 Apr: Added AU$ and revised rounded exchange rates. (0.25)

06 Apr: Tweaked to exclude some alchemy pages. (0.24)
22 Mar: Tweaked excluded page list even further. (0.23)
21 Mar: The view account pages are no longer modified. (0.22)
20 Mar: The view transaction page is no longer modified. (0.21)
19 Mar: Rewritten for better operation all around. (0.2)
16 Mar: Initial, public release. (0.1)



Thanks to iospace for building what I had only thought of.