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dd-gui - a simple GUI for dd under Mac OS X

by Matt Sephton


progress bar


dd is a command line tool to do byte-exact copy.


dd-gui is a simple GUI wrapper to enable you to easily launch dd without resorting to the command line. It will also show progress information throughout the copy.


zip file (136kb) 01 November 2013


Both source and destination can be either a system device from /dev or a file with the extension .img, for example: /dev/disk4, /files/dd.img
The app has only been tested on Mac OS 10.6.x


If you choose the wrong device as the destination, you can erase important data! Proceed with caution.

Open Source

Feel free to merge the code and make changes of your own! Submit pull requests and issues on github.

Version History

2013-11-04: Added sudo to fix permissions issue on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks (0.22)
2009-09-17: Added option to list devices (0.21)
2009-09-16: Added automatic unmounting and mounting of devices, plus more robust determination of source size (0.20)
2009-09-07: Initial release (0.10)

Future versions

I may add support for all dd features, just like Air Imager on Linux.


man dd information on the dd command