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Extensions for Chrome

by Matt Sephton


Extensions provide additional functionality to the Chrome web browser.

Latest News

2016-08-23: Updated iStockLargeComp
2013-02-11: Added NeoGAF Mobile on Desktop
2013-02-08: Added Inbox Zero Fanfare
2013-02-04: Added iStockLargeComp

Inbox Zero Fanfare

Hear the Classic Mac OS Fanfare sound effect when you hit inbox zero.
Chrome Web Store (35kb) 1.0.1, 8th February 2013


Adds a download large comp link on
Chrome Web Store (5kb) 3.0, 23rd August 2016 Also available for Safari

NeoGAF Mobile on Desktop

Forces the NeoGAF mobile layout by pretending to be an iPad. Also adds infinite scrolling and other custom options.
Chrome Web Store (64kb) 1.0.2, 11th February 2013