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Extensions for Safari

by Matt Sephton


Extensions provide additional functionality to the Safari web browser.

Latest News

2019-04-23: Updated Wayback Machine
2018-04-12: Updated Disable Image Smoothing
2017-08-24: Updated favemoji
2017-08-16: Added favemoji
2017-01-26: Updated View Background Image
2016-11-04: Added Wayback Machine
2016-08-23: Updated iStockLargeComp
2015-01-26: Added Disable Image Smoothing
2013-05-09: Updated YouTube Embed HTML5, Beautipedia
2013-01-25: Updated Beautipedia
2013-02-04: Added YouTube Embed HTML5, updated iStockLargeComp
2012-08-27: Added Beautipedia
2012-07-27: Added iStockLargeComp
2012-07-20: All extensions checked and updated for Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
2011-07-01: Updated Google Calendar


A cleaner Wikipedia.
.safariextz (409kb) 4.6.0, 9th May 2013 Screenshot

Disable Image Smoothing

Disables image smoothing (filtering) using CSS, so you can see the crisp edges of the individual pixels.
Only works for images opened in a new tab or window, or when using the Wikipedia Media Viewer.
.safariextz (17kb) 3.0, 12th April 2018


Emoji instead of favicons in Safari.
.safariextz (62kb) 20170824, 24th August 2017

Flickr Links

Display Image URL and Short URL links on the new Flickr photo page.
.safariextz (15kb) 1.12, 20th July 2012 Screenshot

Google Calendar

Changes the background colour of Saturdays and Sundays on your Google Calendar. Hooray for weekends!
.safariextz (9kb) 1.1, 1st July 2011 Screenshot


Adds a download large comp link on
.safariextz (9kb) 3.0, 23rd August 2016 Also available for Chrome

View Artwork

Right click on jewel case images on to View Artwork at the largest size available.
.safariextz (8kb) 1.11, 10th September 2010 Screenshot

View Background Image

Provides a contextual menu item allowing you to view – in a new tab – the background image of any element.
.safariextz (9kb) 1.32, 26th January 2017 Screenshot

Wayback Machine

Quickly open a link or page in the Wayback Machine. Hold toolbar button for menu.
.safariextz (8kb) 20190424, 23rd April 2019

YouTube Embed HTML5

Use an embedded player for videos that fail to start using the HTML5 player. Supports all video dimensions.
.safariextz (10kb) 1.16, 9th May 2013